Annapolis Spine Institute


The Annapolis Spine Institute is a unique service providing image-guided interventions in the diagnosis and treatment of spine disease and spinal pain syndromes. The Institute is nationally renowned as a center of excellence in minimally invasive spine procedures in the diagnosis and management of spinal pain, receiving referrals from regions throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. Four specialty-trained neuroradiologists staff the spine clinic with expertise in image-guided procedures. All procedures are performed under the strictest image-guidance to maximize targeting accuracy and patient safety. Sedation is available as needed for patient comfort depending on procedural invasiveness.




Where are the Annapolis Spine Institute procedures performed?
The procedures are performed at the Anne Arundel Medical Center campus located at 2001 Medical Parkway.  Patients are to report to the Procedural Care Unit (PRCU) on the second floor of the Acute Care Pavilion North one hour prior to their appointment time for registration.  Please park in Garage C.
How are appointments scheduled?
The referring physician’s office or the patient (with a written referral from a referring physician) may call for an appointment.
The Annapolis Spine Institute scheduling number is (800) 952-7246 or locally, (410) 266-2770.
Written referrals can also be faxed to (410) 841-6251.
Insurance information must be provided at the time of scheduling.
How should I prepare for my procedure?
The patient needs arrangements for someone to drive them home post-procedure.
The patient is to have nothing to eat or drink four (4) hours prior to appointment.
They must bring recent MRI/CT films with them on the day of the procedure.
Patients weighing more than 300 pounds or taking blood thinner medication must contact the Annapolis Spine Institute physician/nurse one week prior to procedure for instructions.
The Radiology Nurses at (443) 481-1385 will address any medical questions.
Patients will be mailed an information packet prior to their appointment.
Please see more detailed instructions which are listed for each procedure.
What can I expect afterwards?
Post procedure, the patient is to remain on a restricted activity level, which includes no bending, twisting/turning, lifting for 24-48 hours depending on which procedure is performed.
The patient is ambulatory but may experience a flare up of pain.
The injection site may also be sore for a few days.
Where can I call with questions?
Regarding scheduling and insurance questions, please call (800) 952-7246 or locally, (410) 266-2770.
Should the patient have medical questions prior to or after their procedure call (443) 481-1385.


We accept all major health insurances.