Facet Joint Block

What is it?
A facet block is performed to confirm that a facet joint is the source of pain and to decrease the pain and inflammation in a facet joint or joints.A facet block can be done on either the low back (lumbar) area or the neck (cervical) area.

How is it done?
The patient is given a local skin anesthetic. A needle is then inserted into the facet joint or facet capsule and an anesthetic and steroid are injected by the physician. This is done under fluoroscopy.

Expected Results:
Decrease in, or relief of back pain or neck pain.

How long does it take?
The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes plus 20 to 30 minutes of recovery time.

Facet joints – Joints located on the back of the spine on each side where one vertebra slightly overlaps the adjacent vertebrae. They guide and restrict movement of the spine.Fluoroscopy – X-ray imaging of a part of the body that is displayed on a screen or monitor in the x-ray suite. This facilitates and assures proper placement of the needle and medication.

Patient Instructions/Forms:
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